The above is a sample digitized image file of our embroidery logo for T-shirts and Aprons.

100% Completed

Completed and touring.  Added banner for height.

Night Lights

We worked on our night lighting!  These are RGB rope lights. They perform different sequences with a controller.  Instead of one color, These lights come with 3 color strands.  Red, Blue, Green.  They are a bear to work with, but the effect should be the attraction we want at night time.

Over The Scales

A trip over the scales at the truck stop.  6300 lbs. (including the pit)  Couldn't be more perfect.  Took 70 mph like it was nothing (no swaying).  She's ready to go.....

The Smoker (Stage 8)

Our custom made smoker for festival going humans. After seasoning the smoker, we fired it up for a gathering over the weekend.  We made it so we can smoke our meats with woods for flavor and also use propane to maintain a constant temperature.  The design is a success and this pit is easy to cook on.

Signage (stage 7)

Time for a sign.  How bout this Grillbillies sign!

Rear Fold Outs (stage 6)

This fold out makes our trailer 24' in length and will house our custom made smoker (which slides out).  Also you can see our water tanks and 3 compartment sink. 

Interior (stage 5)

The interior has wipe clean surfaces on all floors, walls and ceilings.  A/C and insulation in the walls and ceilings.  This baby's gonna rock!

Slide Out (stage 4)

We decided to make a slide out to make more room inside.  It works great!.

The Roof (stage 3)

We found some used roofing material that has a fantastic patina from a friend.  Thanks Darrel.

The Exterior (stage 2)

We then used some existing materials left over from some previous jobs, purchased other materials and enclosed the frame.

The Frame (stage 1)

A few years ago we helped some friends (Doug and Darla Jones / Smokin Like Ya Like It) run one of their BBQ food booths at the Houston International Festival then at the Austin Rodeo.  That gave us the "want" to start our own and as the construction industry declined we decided to build "Grillbillies".  We performed extensive research on the internet, called our local health department and planned an approach.  Then we took an existing flatbed trailer and started the frame.  Although hard to see in this picture, the frame is made of steel, then we attached some wood framing to the steel.  It's solid as a rock.